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D. Nuwamanya-Mategyero is a Ugandan public theologian, writer, and former Parish Youth Minister of six Anglican churches. He was educated at Nkumba Primary School, Makerere University (BA. —Political Science & Psychology), and Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary (Master of Divinity—Biblical and Theological Studies).

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About Sermon Notes

Some people rarely hear the gospel preached in their churches. Most pulpits lack the Good News. There is no hope, and the bible is used to justify programs rather than it being the foundation of the life of the believer.

Still, other churches miss out on the richness of the lectionary and the church calendar.

Sermon Notes captures both visions. This newsletter seeks to deliver the Good News of the gospel in the context of the lectionary.

These short sermons follow the lectionary readings and will be published every Saturday morning. Sermon Notes is not intended to replace your time at Church on Sunday but rather supplement it.

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